Use the forms below to purchase your Bingo packages in advance. Bingo night will consist of 8 rounds of bingo; each round will have ticket prizes which will increase in value as the night progresses. These tickets (two tier levels) will provide access to a Chinese Auction that will include a number of very exciting prizes. Additional tickets can be purchased (from either tier level) to help you get that prize you want!

Admission Options

You can select multiple admissions (e.g., admission for 2)
on the next page

Advance ticket purchase
Additional booklets

You can select multiple additional booklets on the next page. If you purchase additional booklets, you also need to select/purchase an admission option

Admission Options:

Ticket Purchase options:

Tier II Ticket $5; Tier I Ticket $10
Advance ticket purchase
$50 provides $60 worth of tickets. $100 provides $125 worth of tickets. $150 provides $200 worth of tickets

Additional Bingo Booklet options:

Additional Bingo Booklet $20 each. A Booklet provides 3 bingo boards for each round (8 rounds in total)


50/50 Raffle Tickets to be sold the night of!

Sponsorship opportunities available; please email for more information. For any questions or concerns please email